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10 Best Superyacht Marinas in Mainland Italy

Italy is uniquely equipped for superyachts, offering a remarkable variety of destinations within 7,200km of stunning coastline and numerous islands. With an extensive network of marinas in popular regions accommodating varying sizes of yachts, visitors can effortlessly transition from sun-soaked beaches to vibrant cities. Furthermore, excellent international access through numerous airports ensures convenient travel for yacht owners and guests year-round.

1. Portofino 

Portofino is the crown jewel of the Italian Riviera, famed for its pastel houses and bustling harbour. This yachting capital, lined with lively bars and seafood restaurants, retains its traditional fishing village allure amidst the grandeur. It boasts 14 berths accommodating yachts up to 90 metres, the central quay near "la Piazzetta" hosts 6-7 superyachts up to 64 metres plus Baia Cannone provides 2 spots up to 80 metres. This is a marina that combines luxury, tradition, and stunning natural surroundings, making it a hugely popular yachting destination.


2. Portovenere 

Portovenere's marina, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers 120 berths accommodating yachts up to 50 metres. Nestled amongst vibrantly painted 12th-century houses and historic lanes leading to the castle, this marina captures the essence of traditional Italian charm. Famous as the place where Lord Byron wrote "Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage," it provides a picturesque setting that is filled with modern amenities. Portovenere's unique blend of history and natural beauty makes it a highly sought-after destination for superyachts cruising the Mediterranean.

3. Ponza

This natural amphitheatre, once a favourite of Roman emperors, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters. Ponza Harbour features 200 berths, accommodating yachts up to 40 metres in length and is encircled by charming houses, where the cobbled streets are lined with local fishermen offering their daily catch. Superyachts visiting Ponza can visit various nearby destinations, each offering unique experiences. Just a short cruise away, Palmarola is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and secluded anchorages, perfect for a peaceful retreat. Ventotene, approximately 22 nautical miles from Ponza, is rich in history with fascinating underwater archaeological sites. It is clearly no wonder Ponza is an inviting stop for superyachts exploring the Mediterranean. 

4. Ischia

A volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia has 80 berths for yachts up to 55 metres with a maximum draught of 4.5 metres. The marina quays are lined with excellent restaurants while nearby the delights of natural thermal spas and therapeutic hot springs prove a big draw. Visitors relish the tranquil landscapes, pretty beaches and historic towns and gardens that are found on this unique isle. 

5. Marina Genova

Marina Genova is a premier nautical centre with 500 berths, 100 dedicated to superyachts up to 130 metres. Located just minutes from Genoa’s city centre and airport, it offers exceptional logistics, specialist expertise and excellent facilities. The marina's strategic location makes it a key stop for yachts en route to Portofino and beyond. Genoa, Italy’s largest seaport, is also known for its maritime history and Renaissance architecture, providing a fascinating backdrop for visitors exploring the Ligurian coast.

6. Porto Lotti

Porto Lotti, in the picturesque Gulf of La Spezia on the Italian Riviera, is an excellent marina catering to superyachts up to 100 metres with 520 berths. This includes a transit dock for superyachts up to 180 metres with first-class services. As well as the Italian Riviera’s stunning landscapes and authentic Ligurian cuisine, La Spezia provides easy access to the UNESCO site of Cinque Terre National Park. Being close to other locations such as Portovenere makes it a popular and sought after marina, combining great facilities with culture and scenic beauty.

7. Imperia

Imperia features a bustling port with historical charm, set in beautiful Liguria. The marina welcomes yachts up to 90 metres, providing a total of 651 berths with a maximum draught of 5 metres. With a picturesque old town, vibrant waterfront promenades and excellent seafood dining options, it is no wonder this location is so popular. The city is renowned for its olive oil production and hosts the Museo dell'Olivo, showcasing its rich maritime heritage.

8. Marina di Stabia

Located near Sorrento, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast, Marina di Stabia has 900 berths for yachts up to 100 metres. The five-star marina features stunning views of the Mediterranean and Mount Vesuvius, creating a breathtaking backdrop for visitors. Its strategic location in the Bay of Naples and near iconic destinations such as Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast makes it an ideal base for exploring the region's rich history and vibrant culture. With a wealth of charming coastal towns and significant archaeological sites nearby, this area offers yacht owners and guests a unique blend of luxury and adventure, solidifying its status as a must-visit location in the Mediterranean yachting circuit.

9. Capri

Capri is an iconic island in the Bay of Naples, known for its luxury tourism and natural beauty. The marinas in Capri, including Marina Grande, offer 300 boat slips with a maximum depth of 8 metres and can accommodate yachts up to 60 metres in length. Capri features the famous Blue Grotto, exclusive boutiques, and upscale restaurants in Capri Town and Anacapri. The island's rugged coastline offers hidden coves accessible by boat, making it a favoured destination for yachting and day trip

10. Porto Ercole

Located on the Monte Argentario peninsula in Tuscany, Marina Porto Ercole has a total of 800 yacht berths. The marina provides shipyard and refit services, equipped with a crane, travel lift and hard standing. A location celebrated for its scenic harbour surrounded by bright buildings, the town has a storied marine history, once serving as a fortress against pirate attacks. Today, Porto Ercole attracts visitors with its sandy beaches, clear waters and great opportunities for sailing and water sports.

These marinas all offer a unique slice of Italian paradise. Far more than just stopping points; they give the option to enjoy the country’s rich heritage and stunning landscapes. Whether you’re in search of vibrant nightlife, historic exploration, or simply iconic beauty, you can be guaranteed a warm Italian welcome wherever you go.

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