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The Monaco Yacht Show: Your Essential Guide

Our top tips for attending and how to maximise your experience as a potential or established yacht owner. 

The Monaco Yacht Show stands as the epitome of excellence in the world of luxury yachting, captivating enthusiasts, industry professionals and potential yacht owners from around the globe. As experts in the field, Dean & Waters have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your experience with valuable tips, insights, and essential information for established and potential yacht owners attending the Monaco Yacht Show.

Understanding the Monaco Yacht Show

This annual event, held in the glamorous Principality of Monaco, is renowned as the world's leading superyacht exhibition. Showcasing the finest selection of superyachts, luxury products and services, the event attracts a discerning audience of industry professionals, yachting enthusiasts and prospective buyers. With over 130 superyachts on display and an impressive array of exhibitors, the show presents a unique opportunity for potential yacht owners to explore the pinnacle of luxury and embark on their next yachting journey.

Planning and Preparation

  • Research the exhibitors: Prioritise your time at the show by researching the participating yacht builders, brokers and suppliers. Familiarise yourself with their offerings, expertise, and reputation to ensure you make the most of your interactions.
  • Pre-book appointments: To guarantee a personalised experience, arrange appointments with exhibitors in advance. This will enable you to have dedicated time with key industry professionals, maximising your chances of finding the perfect yacht and establishing valuable connections.
  • Events and seminars: The Monaco Yacht Show hosts a series of seminars, presentations and social events that you may like your manager or broker to attend.  They can pinpoint ahead of time what will be relevant to your interests and aligned with your aspirations.  

The Yacht Selection Process

  • Seek expert advice: Engaging the services of a reputable yacht manager or consultant vastly assists in navigating the selection process. Their industry knowledge and expertise will doubtless provide valuable insights, ensuring you make an informed decision.
  • Consider your needs: Before attending the show, define your superyacht requirements, such as size, facilities, cruising capabilities and budget. This clarity will help you narrow down any options and ensure you focus on yachts that fit your preferences.
  • See the shortlist: Once you have shortlisted a variety of yachts, your manager/broker will secure visits at designated times so you can evaluate the overall condition, quality of construction, craftsmanship, layout and attention to detail. Take a look at the yacht's systems, facilities and technological features to ensure they meet your personal standards. Ask plenty of questions as the crew/captain/broker will know the yacht well.
  • Consult with experts: Seek advice from knowledgeable yacht surveyors, naval architects, and designers present at the show. Discuss any concerns, technical specifications, and compliance with safety regulations to make informed decisions.

Making the Most of the Show

  • Utilise the yacht tender service: The complimentary yacht tender service allows visitors to conveniently explore the displayed yachts anchored away from the main quays. Take advantage of this service to get a closer look at the vessels of interest, observing their craftsmanship and design from different angles.
  • Plan your visit to avoid the busiest periods, if possible, which will make the most of your time and enhance your overall experience.
  • Take full advantage of the expertise and guidance of your dedicated yacht manager/broker. Their knowledge of the industry and the specific yachts on display will provide amazing insight and can make recommendations tailored to your preferences and requirements. They can facilitate introductions with key industry professionals and arrange private viewings so there is dedicated time to properly evaluate potential options. Navigating the show with confidence will optimise time there to make well-informed decisions to match your realistic yachting aspirations. 
  • Wear comfortable footwear - there is a lot of walking involved and it is a busy show!

As you prepare for the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show, whether a seasoned yacht owner or new on the scene, make the most of this extraordinary event with expert guidance. Our team is ready to enhance your experience by not only offering invaluable advice on getting the best from the show, but also by arranging visits, securing appointments and providing on-site assistance throughout your time at the event.

Don't miss an exclusive opportunity to visit the show with confidence and ease. Get in touch with one of our highly experienced representatives for more information to ensure your Monaco Yacht Show experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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