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Daniel Binns

Compliance Manager, DPA & CSO

Daniel's lifelong passion for the sea and adventure has paved the way for his journey in the maritime industry. Hailing from the picturesque scenery of North Wales, he developed an early affinity for exploring rugged mountains and coastal vistas. His love for the water was evident from the outset, as he eagerly sailed the family dinghy and embraced grassroots racing with enthusiasm.

Daniel undertook a transformative year-long global voyage, which ignited his passion for travel, taking him to some of the world's most remote and breathtaking locations. He immersed himself in scuba diving and surfing, further deepening his connection to the aquatic world. After university, he embarked on a brand new adventure in the French Alps, where he spent two enriching years. A pivotal move to the South of France came in 2009, where he discovered his true calling in the world of yachting.

Over the course of thirteen years, Daniel's dedication and commitment led him to rise from a Junior Deckhand to the position of Chief Officer on board some of the most prestigious charter yachts in the industry. He navigated numerous Atlantic crossings and embarked on extensive voyages through the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bahamas, United States, Norway and beyond.

In time, Daniel brought his wealth of knowledge and experience ashore, joining a reputable Maltese management company as a DPA (Designated Person Ashore) and CSO (Company Security Officer). Here, he collaborated with a portfolio of significant yachts, gaining an invaluable perspective on the intricate demands of yacht management.

Daniel is now a valued member of the Dean & Waters team, where his combined expertise as a Senior Bridge Officer and Shore-side Manager is a tremendous asset. His unique background allows him to grasp precisely what is needed from a yacht management standpoint and to identify the critical elements necessary to deliver the highest level of service to Owners, Captains and crew. In addition to his extensive experience, Daniel holds qualifications as an ISM Internal Auditor, DPA, and CSO, further highlighting his commitment to excellence in yacht management and safety.

During his leisure time, avid cyclist Daniel enjoys road biking and has also experienced riding some of the finest mountain bike trails round the world. He plans to join the Blue Marine Foundation London to Monaco Cycle Ride in 2024. When he’s not hillside on two wheels, Daniel can be found on the slopes of Chamonix, honing his snowboarding skills.

+44 1444 682160
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