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VOLY Group: New Certification for Superyacht Crew

In the fast-paced world of superyacht management, VOLY has solidified itself as an essential financial management platform, earning the reputation of being the "superyacht captain's new best friend" by simplifying expenditure management.

With remarkable growth in the sector, they recently introduced the cutting-edge VOLY Software Certification, carefully designed to equip crew members with the essential skills and expertise to harness the platform's full potential.

Traditionally, yacht crew members could only access VOLY training if the yacht they worked on was signed up with the company. However, a noticeable trend has emerged in recent years, with crew members reaching out to VOLY directly for training. Some have done this even before being assigned to a boat or because they aspire to work on a specific yacht that already utilises VOLY's services.

To meet this demand, VOLY Group's CEO, Ian Flanagan, has overseen the creation of an eight-module online course, covering all core functionalities of the VOLY accounting platform. Participants will gain proficiency in areas such as invoice processing, management of VOLY prepaid cards and cash, budgeting and reporting and VOLY APA charter management.

The course's online and remote nature allows crew members to complete the modules at their own pace, seamlessly fitting into their busy onboard schedules. Each module requires approximately five to six hours of dedicated time and can be completed in one day or over several sessions. To obtain their VOLY Software Certification, participants must pass an online assessment, requiring an 80% pass rate at the end of each module.

This new certification scheme has already gained popularity amongst crew members with a yacht purser on an 80m superyacht, expressing her excitement at the opportunity to deepen her knowledge, having worked on several yachts that already use VOLY. She highlighted the course's benefits, which include increased efficiency in transaction processing, handling multiple currencies and advanced reporting capabilities.

Another, a captain of a 55m motor yacht, emphasised the growing importance of VOLY proficiency when hiring crew members. Knowing that potential crew are VOLY-certified gives him added confidence in their ability to handle financial responsibilities efficiently, placing them at the forefront of the hiring list.

The VOLY Software Certification is thoughtfully designed to cater to multiple crew members and family offices involved in yacht management. Whether you're a captain or purser entrusted with managing the boat's finances, a second stewardess aiming to advance your career, or a chef seeking better control over expenditure in a busy galley, this certification promises to instil the confidence to handle financial control at every level.

Yacht management firms also recognise the huge value of the VOLY Software Certification. Specifically Dean & Waters, who were the very first company to participate and purchase a number of course places, considering it an integral part of their commitment to quality crew training and enhancement.

“From the outset we have been delighted to support the VOLY Software Certification, which is centred on quality training in an area of yachting often forgotten,” says Nicholas Dean, owner of Dean & Waters. “In terms of its importance to an owner and their family office for accurate, transparent financial management and reporting, the certification will ensure high standards are met.” Dean & Waters is a VOLY certified company.

For CEO, Ian Flanagan, empowering crew members with a comprehensive understanding of the platform serves to enhance accuracy and save valuable time for captains and yacht management companies. He is confident that as VOLY continues to establish itself as an industry standard and expands its fleet, this programme will play a significant role in standardising financial reporting across the market, ultimately enhancing the owner's experience and strengthening the entire yachting industry.

This marks yet another significant milestone for the VOLY Group, following their acquisition of Pinpoint Works. With the new Voly Software Certification, there's no longer a need to redirect crew members to third-party training. As Flanagan aptly puts it, there's no better way to learn how to use a piece of software than directly from its creators. With VOLY leading the charge in innovative financial management solutions, the yachting industry can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient future.

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