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Angela Kries-Margaroli

Company Operations Director

From extensive experience in hospitality, thanks to the family business, Angela found her niche early on within the service industry. Working throughout Europe and the Middle East, with a focus on event and function planning as well as public relations, she relished the opportunity to travel and network.

Moving to the UK following the arrival of her two children, she subsequently joined Nick at Ocean Independence as his Executive Assistant. Recognizing the opportunity to build lasting relationships with a cross section of key clientele, captains, crew and business colleagues, Angela became an accomplished communications conduit for Nick’s fleet of management yachts. Assisting with the implementation of new financial software and a wide variety of processes, captains and crew quickly reaped the benefit of her abilities. Within the superyachting landscape Angela has amassed considerable experience in a confidential position where discretion, trust and professionalism are vital skills.

Progressing with Nick to start bespoke marine management company Dean & Waters, Angela remains at the core of the senior management team, concentrating on the company’s operational details. Working across the organisational landscape to ensure that outstanding service is experienced at all times by clients, her hands-on approach and knowledge of the industry are valuable assets.

Angela speaks Spanish, continues to enjoy travel opportunities and is still involved with the family business.

+44 1444 682160
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